Read about Maurin murder suspect Rick Riffe stays in Alaska, for now …

Wednesday, July 11, 2012 at 11:56 pm


By Sharyn  L. Decker
Lewis County Sirens news reporter

The man charged with the 1985 kidnapping and murder of Edward and Wilhelmina “Minnie” Maurin declined today to waive extradition proceedings that would bring him back to Lewis County from Alaska, according to a news story published in the Anchorage Daily News.


Rick Riffe

Associated Press reporter Rachel D’Oro writes that Rick Riffe appeared before a judge today in Anchorage and said he didn’t need an attorney appointed to him, he planned to hire one.

Riffe, 53, was arrested Sunday at his home near King Salmon, Alaska by two Lewis County Sheriff’s Office detectives with help from Alaska state troopers.

The bodies of the elderly Ethel couple were found on Christmas Eve 1985 off a logging road near Adna. They had gone missing several days earlier.

Prosecutors believe Riffe and his now-deceased brother John Gregory Riffe got into the couple’s home, uncovered bank records and forced the couple to go with them to the bank and withdraw $8,500 before shooting them in the backs with a shotgun inside their car, according to charging documents.

The brothers moved from Lewis County to Alaska where they have lived since 1987, according to the sheriff’s office.

A detective and Deputy Prosecutor Will Halstead stayed in Alaska in hopes of bringing Riffe back right away, the sheriff’s office told county commissioners yesterday.

D’Oro did note note in her news story how long those proceedings could take.

Lewis County Prosecutor Jonathan Meyer planned to seek a governor’s warrant as soon as possible if Riffe chose to go through extradition proceedings, the commissioners were told.

A hearing is scheduled for July 19, according to Meyer.


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10 Responses to “Read about Maurin murder suspect Rick Riffe stays in Alaska, for now …”

  1. Bandit says:

    I knew Lisa and Greg and I was the one that Identified Lisa and took off her jewelery and identified the pistol that she shot her self with. I was the one that called her Mother and I think her name at the time was Bailey . I was there at the same time the police were and they ruled it a suicide with out any problem . She had powder burns on her hand and all of her fingers and next to her skull. We lived two trailers down and we heard the shot then a friend came down and was screaming that lisa had shot herself. She was talking about it all night. It was Thanksgiving time and we had a big dinner at Bobbi and Jay Sipes. They fought all the time they were at the dinner and we shut it down. The pattern of the blood and the gun blast made it an impossible murder. I also cleaned the scene of the accident. It was a horrible thing to happen to such a troubled young lady and I woul not let her be around myGrand children any more as she was always talking about suicide and doing mass drugs and drinking and so we parted as aquantences about three weeks before Greg came home. Rick was not even on the island and the only other person that was in the house was David Ryno. He saw the whole thing and he was buying some guns from Greg…Any other questions you want to ask or claim to know do not hesitate to ask

  2. Required Name says:

    Bobbie, I hope that you turned such oft-repeated info to the police, rather than just posting here.

  3. bobbie sipe says:

    i lived next door to them and i am pretty sure it was suicide cause i had a friend that was at there house when it happened!

  4. Mema,

    If you have information please contact the Lewis County Sheriff’s and request to speak to a detective or you can always contact Crime Stoppers of Lewis County.

    If you have any information about this crime or any other crime, DON’T DELAY! CALL RIGHT AWAY!! Crime Stoppers will pay up to $1,000 for information of this crime or any other crime.

    Call CRIME STOPPERS at 1-800-748-6422 or report online at Remember, you never have to leave your name.

  5. linda eller says:

    Dear Jeannie, So sorry to hear about your sister. Sounds like the murder of Ronda Reynolds called suicide. Hope you can get this reviewed and find the truth– There are good people out there that can give you a hand—

  6. hadaller says:

    Mema you need to report that to the courts or prosecutor. Do more research about it and there should be a pic of the home on the Internet. If you can remember the area of when you went there, color of home or anything that cpuldmatch their home. All info will help the case!

  7. babyface5483 says:

    Jeannie I know who Lisa is. Hun this is Woodtick. I sent you my number…

  8. mema says:

    Is there any way someone can email me a pic of the maurins house me and my kids believe we were there in 1986 with Rick

  9. Marty Hayes says:

    Jeannie, you should contact Coroner McLeod and see if he will take a look at your sister’s case. If Coroner McLeod sees enough evidence to conclude the original Manner of Death was a homicide and not a suicide, then he can change the death certificate, and a new investigation by the Sheriff’s Dept. might result in another murder prosecution. You never know.

  10. jeannie chandler says:

    dear baby face you were wondering what happened to greg riffes wife ? well her name is Lisa she was my sister, we believe that they had something to do with her murder also in 1992 she was killed we hired a private detective and it was ruled suicide but you needed to know lisa she would of never done that. evidence showed different ?

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