Sharyn’s Sirens: Daily police and fire roundup

Friday, October 26, 2012 at 12:43 pm


• A deputy was summoned to Winlock Middle School yesterday afternoon about a 13-year-old student being found in possession of a small amount of marijuana. The boy said it was for his personal use but he had not used it, according to the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office. The student was turned over to his mother; the case will be referred to juvenile prosecutors for a charging decision, according to Chief Civil Deputy Stacy Brown.


• A 69-year-old resident on the 700 block of Curtis Hill Road called the sheriff’s office about 6:20 a.m. yesterday when he discovered a burglary to his cow barn. Missing sometime since the day before was a Honda pressure washer and two 25-foot sections of insulated copper wire, according to the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office.


• Police took a report about 6:50 a.m. today of a car prowl on the 1500 block of View Avenue in Centralia. Someone cut the cloth top on a Jeep and stole a purse and credit cards, according to the Centralia Police Department.

• A window was broken out of a vehicle parked at the 200 block of Southeast Washington Avenue in  Chehalis and a CD player stolen, according to a report made to police just after 9 a.m. yesterday.

• A car stolen from Centralia turned up yesterday at Delano and Blair roads north of town, according to the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office. The owner was contacted and retrieved the 2001 Honda Accord, according to the sheriff’s office.


• A 19-year-old Chehalis area resident received minor cuts when he rolled his car yesterday morning off Brockway Road, according to the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office. The teenager said he was not paying attention and drove his Oldsmobile Cutlass off the road, Chief Civil Deputy Stacy Brown said. There was major damage to the car, Brown said. The driver was issued a citation for wheels off the roadway.

• A 21-year-old driver from Centralia was cited for wheels off the roadway after she reached for her chap stick and ran into an embankment on the 600 block of Centralia-Alpha Road east of Chehalis yesterday evening. A deputy arriving about 5:45 p.m. reported she and her passengers were evaluated by medics and none were injured,  according to the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office. The 2004 Ford Focus sustained major damage, according to the sheriff’s office.

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12 Responses to “Sharyn’s Sirens: Daily police and fire roundup”

  1. Kyle says:

    If truth be told, Lowe should not even have testicales right now!

  2. Kyle says:

    STFU DAVID LOWE! You’re a nasty Criminal and I dont know how you’re not in jail!!! With not having a job I still dont know how you posted bail for you’re last arrest! Quit talking shit and get a job!

  3. Falsetto says:


    It’s becoming increasingly difficult for Americans to recieve immigration status in foreign countries.

    Most foreign consulates see that you’re American and stamp “REJECT”.

    It seems most of the world is sick of Americans and sick of their corrupt bully imperialism too.

  4. Steve I know this is off topic but I just want to prove to you that the Fluoride issue is real. 85,000 less people in North America are no longer being Poisoned because of the Newest Movement to Ban Fluoride. I am right and you are wrong 85,000 people cannot be wrong…………….I am the tip of the spear for real news information

  5. Hey Steve other countries like Europe have Banned Fluoride in the Water. But why should I move when I can make a differnce here. The things I speak of are hard truths to swallow for many. The information I provide to the community is needed. Then you tell me all I do is rant about bad cops, No your wrong I am providing a news service and web site that proves their are bad cops.

    Steve you must think it’s OK for your Government to Poison you. Remember Vietnam ? Agent Oranage ring a Bell. My father died because the Government told him it was safe……. People like me break the Mold. Just Like Juliette Gordon Low the Founder of the Girl Scouts, do you think she listened to people like you when she was making a Difference. I walk in her foot prints and I too am leaving my mark in history.

  6. steve says:

    DCE, you need some serious help. if it was up to you I guess the usa would just sit around all day, smoke weed and complain about cops. Why dont you move to another country if ypu hate it here so badly? All you do is bitch, complain and rant about bad cops and flouride in water. Get a life! Do you even have a job?

  7. commoncents says:

    He got arrested the other day….

  8. George you usualy light it first, but I guess your Matches are wet?

  9. George says:

    Dude, who lit the fuse on your tampon?

  10. Yeah I know if I was in school I would be in a spelling class.. LOL

  11. Marijauana at School Opps I meant “Government Training Camp” This type of behavior is from lack of real things to do as a student. Our schools have been stripped of the programs that would challenge young people’s minds. Video Games, movies and the Tv in General have an Agenda that promotes this type of Behavior. And when and how often are the field trips to Observatorys, where are the Archery classes and what about wood shop. Is there a school band? Home ecenomics. computer classes, how about sewing classes and canning classes. Where are the life skills that are being taught? I’m afraid the MTV generation and the Television has dumbed down the society. If I was a Parant I would demand my child to not be assaulted by the Brain Damaging Fluoride that can be found in most schools drinking fountains.
    So to sum it all up the System is a mess, our society is a fast food society one that has to have everything now and popularity prevails. Think I’m lying about saying government training camp, Just ask your kid to bring their History Books home, In the Government Training manual this book will mention nothing of World Trade Center 7.. If you do the research you will see the child with the Cannabis is the Victim, not the criminal. The criminals are the ones that won’t get this child the direction he needs. Public schools are crime traing camps for you children…Please school your childdren at home they are better off with life skills. Not a new pair of Nike Jodans and a 20 sack of weed. But hey if you want to feed the American Prison System keep sending them to the Traing Camp. Opps I meant Public School

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