Seven charged for dealing meth in Randle

Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 9:39 am

Leah D. Williams, 24, listens to defense attorney Bob Schroeter as she is charged in Lewis County Superior Court with delivery of methamphetamine.

Updated at 8:28 p.m.

By Sharyn  L. Decker
Lewis County Sirens news reporter

CHEHALIS – Seven Randle residents went before a judge yesterday accused of selling methamphetamine to police informants at various times in the two months before last week’s roundup by more than two dozen law enforcement officers.

Among them was 24-year-old Leah D. Williams, whose worst crime before now was a ticket for littering in 2009.

Williams shares a home on Kiona Road with a 42-year-old construction worker. He was also arrested.

“She got caught up in the wrong crowd, let’s hope this is a wake up call,” her father Danny Williams said.

Danny Williams arranged for his daughter to move in with him in Morton if she was released from jail, since he anticipated she and her boyfriend would be prohibited from having contact with each other pending the outcome of their cases.

Leah D. Williams lives on $290 a month in financial support, plus food stamps, and has three young children, Chehalis attorney Bob Schroeter told the judge yesterday afternoon. She is charged with two counts of delivery of meth.

According to charging documents, on one occasion a confidential informant said they could purchase the drug from her boyfriend  Byron O. Daily and on another occasion said they could get it from her or her boyfriend.

Each time, the informant wanted more, but was only able to get a “quarter” for $20, according to the allegations.

Lewis County Superior Court Judge Richard Brosey allowed Leah Williams released on a $5,000 signature bond, meaning she does not have to post bail money but will owe the court that amount if she fails to appear for any proceedings.

Friday’s arrests, dubbed Operation Big Bottom Bust for the Big Bottom Valley in which they took place some 50 miles east of Interstate 5, were coordinated by the Lewis County Regional Drug Task Force.

Ten individuals were arrested in the sweep, according to the sheriff’s office, but one was only for a warrant and two men were released without charges pending further investigation. The two are Chris Edward Green, 58, and Jason A Green, 24.

The defendants were all represented during yesterday afternoon’s hearing by Schroeter who negotiated bail and helped schedule arraignment dates.

The defendants ranged from as young as Williams to as old as 57-year-old Jack Wayne Mullins.

Mullins, a lifetime Lewis County resident who owns the property where he lives on Falls Road, was charged along with 52-year-old Diane L. Allison for the three times an informant allegedly came to their home and bought $40 worth of meth.

Allison has several prior drug convictions, according to prosecutors. Mullins has none, although he did get in trouble for driving under the influence in 2011, according to Schroeter.

All of the defendants were charged with either two counts or three counts of delivery of methamphetamine. None were charged with possession of the drug, although police said they conducted search warrants on Friday at at least three locations.

Law enforcement officers confiscated one vehicle, some cash and some methamphetamine – mostly “street level” amounts like $25 bags, according to Lewis County Sheriff’s Office Chief Criminal Deputy Gene Seiber.

Beginning at daybreak, the sheriff’s office and its SWAT team with assistance from three other police agencies hit five places in an hour and a half, Seiber said. The operation came after 14 undercover buys, he said.

It’s not like the community of Randle is some kind of large hub for supplying users in comparison to the rest of the county, according to the sheriff’s office.

“Meth is everywhere. Everywhere,” Seiber said. “It just happens we got in with this particular bunch.”

According to charging documents, the police-observed “buys” all took place at the defendant’s homes, except in the case of Robert D. LaChance Sr. who allegedly made his deals in a Randle parking lot and alongside U.S. Highway 12 in Glenoma. He lives with his parents on Ridge View Drive.

LaChance, 50, allegedly sold $160 worth of meth in one of his two transactions and $120 in the other.

LaChance’s legitimate income amounts to a $710 monthly payment from SSI, and like some of the others he has previous drug convictions.

The most recent undercover deals involved 42-year-old Keith Allen Sanders at his home on Morris Road where he’s lived for 30 years.

On June 3, sheriff’s detective Jeff Humphrey spoke with an informant who said he or she could purchase $40 worth of meth from Sanders, according to charging documents.

After the informant and their vehicle were searched, Humphrey provided the “pre-recorded” buy funds and then observed as the informant went to Sander’s home, charging documents relate. About 15 minutes later, the informant returned with a small baggie with a small amount of meth inside, according to the documents.

The same process was repeated the next day.

The highest bail any of them faced was $25,000 for Marty Joe Mullins, 48.

On one of the two visits informants made to Marty Mullins’ Kiona Road residence, they were made to wait while he retrieved the drugs from a neighbor’s place, according to charging documents.

Seiber said today they took 11 people into custody, and they are looking for number 12. It’s not clear who the 11th person was as the sheriff’s office announced only 10 arrests on Friday.

Morton police did arrest a 29-year-old woman for delivery of methamphetamine on Friday night after an officer was informed by someone they’d just witnessed a drug deal at an apartment on Westlake Avenue and provided a license plate numbers for a vehicle which left.

Twenty-seven-year-old Paul Leggett, of Glenoma, was subsequently located and arrested for possession of a small baggie of suspected meth.

Police arrested Bobbie E. Escontrias, 29, for delivery of a $20 amount of meth but found no drugs when the apartment was searched, according to charging documents in that case. On her person however, was found residue on a glass pipe, a baggie and a cotton ball, according to the documents.

Escontrias was charged yesterday with delivery, but with no criminal history, was allowed release on a $10,000 signature bond.

All of those charged will get a chance to make their pleas on Thursday or a week from Thursday in Lewis County Superior Court.


• Marty J. Mullins, 48. Charge: Delivery of meth. Bail $25,000

• Diane L. Allison, 52. Charge: Delivery of meth. Bail $10,000
• Jack W. Mullins, 57. Charge: Delivery of meth. Bail $10,000 unsecured.

• Byron O. Daily, 42. Charge: Delivery of meth. Bail $10,000 unsecured.
• Leah D. Williams, 24. Charge: Delivery of meth. Bail $5,000 unsecured.

• Robert D. LaChance Sr., 50. Charge: Delivery of meth. Bail $10,000.

• Keith A. Sanders, 42. Charge: Delivery of meth. Bail $20,000.

• Chris E. Green, 58. Arrested for delivery of meth, but released without charges pending further investigation.

• Jason A Green, 24. Arrested for delivery and possession of meth,  but released without charges pending further investigation

• Robert M. Church, 48. Arrested for felony warrant

For background, read “Breaking news: Drug dealing investigation nets multiple arrests in Randle” from Friday June 7, 2013 at 10:20 a.m., here

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15 Responses to “Seven charged for dealing meth in Randle”

  1. Williams says:

    This is williams and just so u all know yeah i did lose my kids but guess what everyone makes mistakes in their life and its whether or not they learn from them and guess what i did learn from my mistakes i can proudly say i have 14 months clean have my kids back and dont miss that lifestyle at all also Byron daily my boyfriend has a year clean has a good job as he always has had a job but just thought id comment an update to how are life has changed

  2. i wonder how come when the police make all these accusations from having guns to stolen chainsaws and selling drugs along with all the other stuff they throw out there to make the public believe someone’s guilty when they served a search warrant and found nothing search warrant report said NOTHING FOUND NOTHING TAKEN why dont they for the record go back and let the public know they found nothing pertaining to what they were looking for they go on and let the public assume they they are allowing the public to think the reason my charges were dismissed was because of an un-reliable informant, that being so as he aquired a new charge makes him unreliable officer humphries aquired a charge of dui so does that make him unreliable too.not to mention the fact that there was never anything found during their search warrant if a person was such a big time drug dealer dont you think they would have at least found an old baggie or something the reaon for not finding anything is clear there wasnt anything to begin with but they dont tell the public this they allow them to think there was.the only way i have to fight back is right here, i’m not public enemy number one, my consience is clear, and i can handle the person looking back at me in the mirror, dont get me wrong i’m not out to make anyone look bad especially our police force i have nothing but the upmost respect for them and the job they do.i just think maybe they should change their tactics some.

  3. MyExperience says:

    I don’t know eve one meth addict who wishes he could just use until he dies. I don’t know one meth addict who dreams of selling her body to the meth dealer. I don’t know one addict who spits a tooth out onto the ground and then looks in the mirror and likes what she sees, or laughs with joy as CPS carts her children away.

    No one with addiction is choosing anything. Addiction is not a disease of substance – it is a disease of an organ of the body that functions improperly – the brain (not the mind, the brain). It is a disorder whereby the tendency to develop it is inherited and runs in families. It involves weak structures between the limbic system (the “go”) and the frontal lobes (the stop) in the brain; it is a disease of building tolerance, compulsion and craving that is different for addicts than for others. It is complex because it appears to have different “strengths” – just like other diseases like cancer – that sometimes are so strong and intrenched in the body that a high percentage of addicts die rather than get cured.

    But the only choice involved was the first time for a 12 or 14 or 8 or 16 year old boy or girl when they used or drank – just like the majority of the young people around them – but found that unlike 80% of their friends, they could never drink responsibly or use reasonably or even think clearly and recognize what was happening.

    It is sad that those who have never had the problem and cannot even conceive of the hell, will choose to believe their classmates, relatives and friends suddenly just “chose” that path. Even those who quit and like to brag that is was “choice” cannot describe why it took them so long, or cost them so much when they know they wanted to quit long before they did. If it was choice, why didn’t they quit the first time they thought of it?

    A horrible disease that causes the havoc you read about here…. to people who grew up and lived in one of the most idyllic and beautiful places on earth. Science has proved repeatedly that addiction is a complex, heritable, predictable condition… so why do we insist on calling it a “choice”?

  4. BizzyB says:

    If my ‘glamorous’ lifestyle Is appealing to you. . . And you want to try me Because you’ve ‘nothing to lose’. . . Then, let me give you A bit of advice: You are a fool. . . And you’d better think twice.

    I destroy homes I tear families apart I take your children And thats just the start Im more value than diamonds More precious than gold The sorrow I bring Is sight to bold

    If you need me, remember Im easily found, I live all around you In school and in town I live with the rich I live with the poor I live just down the road Or maybe next door

    Im made in a lab,but Not in one like you think I can be made under your kitchen sink Or in your childrens closet And even out in the woods If it scares you to death It certainly should.

    I have many names But there’s one you know best Im sure you’ve heard of me My names Crystal Meth My power is awesome Try me and you’ll see But if you do You may never break free

    Just try me once And I might let you go But if you try me twice Then I own your soul

    When I possess you You’ll steal and lie You’ll do what you have to Just to get high The crimes you’ll commit For my narcotic charms Will be worth for the pleasure You’ll feel in my arms

    You’ll lie to your mother You’ll steal from your dad When you see their tears You must not feel sad

    Just forget your morals And how you were raised I’ll be your conscious I’ll teach you my ways

    I take kids from their parents I take parents from kids I turn people from god I seperate friends I’ll take everything from you Even your good looks and your pride I’ll be with you always Right here by your side.

    You’ll give up everything Your family, your home Your money,you friends You’ll be all alone I’ll take and I’ll take Til you give no more to give When Im finished with you You’ll be lucky to live

    If you try me be warned THIS IS NOT A GAME If im given the chance I’ll drive you insane I’ll ravage your body I’ll control your mind I’ll own you completely Your soul will be mine

    The nightmares I’ll give you When your lying in bed… And the voices you’ll hear From inside your head The sweats,the shakes and the visions you’ll see… I want you to know These are your gifts from me

    By then its too late And you’ll know in your heart That you are now mine And we shall not part You’ll regret that you tried me (They always do) Remember, you came to me Not I, to you

    You knew this would happen How many times were you told? But you challenged my power You chose to bold You could have said “No” and walked away If you could live that day over Now what would you say?

    My power is awesome As I told you before I can take your mother And turn her into a whore Go ahead and curse me With every breath Just make your choice Will it be life or meth?

    You will take unknown paths On your journey through life Some will bring happiness Some will bring strife But, my path is one You must not ever cross. Although its well trodden Countless lives have been lost

    Now that you’ve met me What will you do? Will you try me or not? It’s all up to you I can show you more misery Than words can tell Come take my hand Let me lead you to hell!

  5. soaper must be a doper says:

    I’m guessing soaper is really a doper and doesn’t want to be cut off the gvt benies. Funny how tweakers always think no one sees that they are tweakers. Doing scratching meth mites off their faces and jerking so bad all the time. Pretty sad that the dope clouds their minds to the point the recognize just worthless they are.

  6. middleman says:

    for the record not everything is as it seems do we remember some years back when the big pull to get ephederine of the shelves not thinking that all the monies generated from that stayed in our communities cycled through our stores and the economy was good now 100’s of 1000’s of non taxible dollars are funneling into mexico every month instead of staying here at homeand you can only guess what that will do to the tax payers.. they shouldn’t banish people from government funding but should screen things a little better one sceniero teen mom child 4 years of age when father dies never paid into ssi not 21 so mom and child get no ssi from his death illegal allien comes to america never works a day claimes citizen ship and socialsecuity benfitsat the same time granted if they would run the government like a bussiness and parents would instill old school ethics things might have a chance of working out

  7. Soaper says:

    Jesus! So a two month investigation that involved 14 different transactions, hundreds of hours of police “work”, and at least 24 officers (not to mention their mandatory aqua-all terrain armored vehicle or whatever that thing is) on the day of the raids all because about $500 – $600 was sold? I cannot believe that they even want the public to know about this. They probably spent $40,000 – $50,000 for this operation and got a few 8-balls? Personally, I’d much rather my taxes went to these peoples’ SSI, food stamps, or whatever than the county for these embarrassing Wild West shows they put on a few times a year.

    By the way Disgusted, I like your idea for these people to be put on an island…because I would join them and we could finally be free of cops and snitches and just be left alone. With what this whole debacle will cost by the time all is said and done there could’ve been a solid down payment on an island.

  8. sunshinegirl says:

    Lewis Co. sucks , Well there you go again. These people I know are not my friends they are people I know because I live and work in a little tiny community where everyone knows everything about everybody. That is how it works in a little town , but Disgusted said it all , even though I am a Dem. Disgusted I agree with you , even opposing political views recognize what tweakers are ,that’s something isn’t it and Disgusted is right whether you call it SSI or Social Security either way why the hell should they get it? There disability is self inflicted , why should I pay for any of that ??? What is really wrong is they get SSI and medical and Food stamps and they still steal anything they see in our cars , our homes , yards , whatever they can haul off. Do you not read the paper? They always plead with the judge because boo-hoo I have a meth problem , be it burglary , murder , rape , whatever . Well the people are tired of it . I would rather pay the cops to bust them everyday then pay for their life style.

  9. Disgusted (The Original) says:

    Jennaizenhart, I call them pieces of shit because they are. They contribute nothing meaningful to society and they live on the backs of the taxpayers. They are criminals and losers and the world would be a better place without them in it.

    And, lewiscountysocietysucks, I did not vote for Obama. I think he is a piece of shit also. I am a staunch Republican. For your information, SSI if for people who never worked enough to be entitled to Social Security disability benefits. It was meant for children who were born disabled and young adults who suffer injuries that leave them unable to work. Unfortunately, most of the people on it today are lowlife tweakers and addicts who are too fucking lazy to get a job and work for a living. They get a hangnail, a back sprain or depression or some other mental issue and a with the help of a sleaze bag attorney . . . next thing you know, they get to live off the working taxpayers for the rest of their lives. You’d be amazed at how many of these lowlifes are actually able to work if all of their free benefits suddenly stopped and the only way they could eat and keep a roof over their heads is if they had to actually earn it like the rest of us.

  10. Jennaizenhart says:

    hey disgusted how dare you call them “pieces of shit!” just because they sin differently than you why dont you look in the mirror and check your closet and make sure it is skeleton free better yet why dont you reach out a helping hand instead of a condemning finger its easy to sit there on your ass and judge isnt it instead of trying to figure out a out reach program or a way to help repair the community no one wants to be a drug addict no one wants to be defective why dont we go the route of trying to figure out why these people started down this path and try to fix the problem at the root i.e preventing a repeated process people like you is what disgusts me so go ahead and hide behind your self righteous attitude and fake little screen name! Its easier that way ya slack jaw prick

  11. lewiscountysocietysucks says:

    Well, sunshinegirl, props to you knowing alkies and druggies on SSI, because I don’t know of any that are. So you must be the one on something with a false reality. I believe that SSI, is different then Social Security benifits. Yours is for the disabled including druggies and alkies, and the later is for those who have worked and is their right and benefit. So I believe that you and us tax payers are paying for “YOUR FRIENDS” not those arrested. With the exception of Williams, whom we are all supporting along with your friends.

  12. randleman says:

    williams should lose custody of her kids indeed!! if it were a man in her shoes he would lose them in a second . but really…. the kids need the courts to help lose her as she proved herself unworthy 100% .

  13. sunshinegirl says:

    Really ? I know lots of people on social security that have never worked and they get it. They get it for being alkies and druggies and all the other bad choices people make. You can come here from another country and have never worked a day here and get it . I and all the rest of regular folks work full time so these people can get all this and food stamps and medical , You are not in touch with reality. I do not know what you are on, but I bet working tax payers are footin the bill.

  14. lewiscountysocietysucks says:

    Excuse me but I think the only one on Welfare is Williams, and the ones on Social Security are entitled to that money, because if they have it that means that they have worked plenty enough within their life time to get it because they have paid into it. Obviously you were one of those idiots that voted for Obama! And frankly I think that a secluded Island some where would be much better for most of those people and I would be proud to join them, they do not judge like all of you and they would do and lift a hand to help anyone in need, including you righteous mo-fo’s if need be. Besides, they all do know how to survive, unlike people like you who have probably never went with out nor lived in the wilderness. They can live without, because they have some time or another lived with out.

  15. Disgusted (The Original) says:

    I hope all of these pieces of shit are also prosecuted for welfare/SSI fraud as well. Not one of the scumbags works, of course. And Williams deserves to lose her kids. In a perfect world, we could take people like this, banish them from civilization by dropping them off on a deserted island somewhere together and allowing them to fend for themselves. Without free government money, food stamps and drugs they wouldn’t last long.

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