Lewis County sheriff’s deputy pleads not guilty to DUI

Friday, September 13, 2013 at 9:06 pm

By Sharyn  L. Decker
Lewis County Sirens news reporter

CHEHALIS – A plea of not guilty was entered yesterday for the sheriff’s deputy who was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in Chehalis over the weekend.

Jeffrey S. Humphrey went before a judge today in Lewis County District Court in Chehalis an hour before the regularly scheduled time with his defense attorney Don Blair and a special deputy prosecutor from Thurston County appointed to handle the case.

Blair filed the plea a day early in writing and today’s appearance was to handle Humphrey’s conditions of release while his case is pending.

According to charging documents, the 40-year-old Chehalis area resident’s breath samples registered at .159 and .143. They were taken at the Lewis County Jail after his arrest early Sunday morning. The legal limit of an alcohol concentration is .08.

Charging documents state Humphrey was stopped by a trooper at an accident scene at the Labree Road offramp of Interstate 5 after he drove past a truck-mounted reader board flashing messages of “Ramp closed” and “Use alternate route”.

The high speed collision around 3:45 a.m. was the end result of a police pursuit in which a car driven by an allegedly intoxicated driver crashed into a guard rail and caught fire. A passenger was airlifted with a broken ankle.

Charging documents give the following account of Humphrey’s arrest: A Washington State Patrol sergeant wearing a reflective vest attempted to get the attention of Humphrey’s westbound gray Ford F150 by waving his arms, yelling and shining his flashlight at the truck. The sergeant chased the truck which eventually stopped and when asked if he saw all the emergency vehicles and road closure sign, Humphrey replied, “sorry.”

Humphrey had three un-named passengers with him and the sergeant smelled a strong odor of intoxicants from the window; Humphrey was described with a blank, far off look on his face, his eyes bloodshot and watery.

The Lewis County Sheriff’s Office deputy who was off duty refused to do field sobriety tests and would not answer when asked how much he’d had to drink.

Humphrey, an 11 year veteran of the sheriff’s office, is on paid administrative leave.

A state patrol spokesperson said earlier this week Humphrey’s vehicle was towed and he he was released from the trooper’s custody at his home.

Lewis County District Court Judge R.W. Buzzard released Humphrey on his own recognizance today, meaning no bail was necessary.

He was also ordered not to consume any alcohol or non-prescribed controlled substances, but the prohibition against entering taverns or bars printed on the standard court form was crossed out.

Humphrey also signed today a waiver of his time for trial which would be 90 days from arraignment for a person not in custody.

The charges were filed on Monday by Lewis County Deputy Prosecutor Paul Masiello.

Lewis County Prosecutor Jonathan Meyer asked his counterpart in Thurston County to select a special deputy prosecutor to handle the case because of appearances of fairness. The special prosecutor is Chad McClellan.

Driving under the influence is gross misdemeanor punishable by up to 364 days in jail and or a $5,000 fine.

A pretrial hearing is scheduled for Dec. 18.

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24 Responses to “Lewis County sheriff’s deputy pleads not guilty to DUI”

  1. Jeremydale says:

    With Don Blair as his attorney he’ll get a slap on the wrist from the Lewis County “justice” system.

  2. Free Air says:

    Larry Butler Fan says:
    Monday, September 16, 2013 at 7:46 pm
    “And what difference could that possibly that make?”
    It might give him a valid excuse for drinking excessively. A horrible wife can make a good man do some crazy sh$t.

    After further consideration, I stand corrected. Your point is valid and noted.

  3. Guilty Bystander says:

    Somehow, I doubt if any of us had been pulled over, refused a sobriety test and blew .159 and .143 into a breathalyzer, we’d get a ride home from the “arresting” officer.

    As Orwell wrote, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

  4. Dino says:

    Aug 6 1982 I got a DUI, took a deferred prosecution, did two years of mind numbing treatment. Didn’t drink the whole time, I was called back into court after about 3 years. Scared me silly, thought I hadn’t done something the court wanted. Found out I was there to expunge my record! I know Jeff, I would suggest he do the same as I did, I hated it but I have NEVER driven after more than 1 beer since. Jeff is a good man and deserves his chance just as I did when I screwed up.
    BTW anybody know how many druggies he has gotten off the street????? I think that counts for something also.

  5. Larry Butler Fan says:

    “And what difference could that possibly that make?”

    It might give him a valid excuse for drinking excessively. A horrible wife can make a good man do some crazy sh$t.

  6. Free Air says:

    You most likely won’t find anyone calmer than I, as proof, I’m not even going to bite on your personal attacks.

    I just don’t like it when folks get that “guilty by association” mentality going.
    What the deputy did he did on his own and should have no reflection on any other member of his family, or someone with the same last name; period.


    Free Air, Im just curious. Calm the hell down, its not like Im going to throw rocks at her or something. Damn, did you catch your spouse in bed with somebody or what? Or are you just like that all the time? Ahhh…your single and really frustrated I bet! Hahaha. So is he her husband or not, cmon!

  8. joe frankle says:

    WWWAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! He still getting paid!! GO TELL YOUR MOMMY ya friggin dum$#!t crybabies. IT’S IN HIS CONTRACT!!!!!!! just let that sink in for a hour………If the county doesn’t pay him, GuESS WHat????? He sues the county for breech of contract and gets MORE $$$$$$$$$$$$. DUH! so shut your ignorant pansy ass pieholes……

  9. Free Air says:

    “Is this cop Angie Humphreys husband?? Or related to her somehow?”

    I just have to ask:
    And what difference could that possibly that make?


    Is this cop Angie Humphreys husband?? Or related to her somehow?

  11. Zack says:

    -Hello- you obviously didn’t read my last post. It has nothing to do with him being a cop as far as being on paid administrative leave. It’s part of the employee contract. Several state and county employee’s also get paid administrative leave. So regardless if you think its right or wrong perhaps you should go to congress to please your case of how you think its BS for this man to be on paid leave.

  12. Kari oakie says:

    @ROC Were you still in school, your teacher would mark you down for starting a sentence with a conjunction. ‘Or’ is used to connect two sentences. ‘And’ this has all of nothing to do with the article. Thank you, and don’t forget to tip your bartender.

  13. ROK says:

    @hello…it appears as though you were drunk when you typed your rant, based on your lack of spelling, sentence structure and grammar. Or maybe you are just ignorant?

  14. I am astounded at the number of people who post here who do NOT belive in the due procss of the U.S. legal system. It appears most think their first impression and beliefs are the only things required to “make someone be accountable”, whatever that actually means.
    Of course I am sure this would not apply if the person were your family, loved one, or close and dear friend. You know, centuries ago, people were burned at the stake, if they survived they were innocent, if not, oh well, must have been guilty. They used water boarding as well, probably not the same way the last administration used it, this was a much earlier administration. However if the person did not drown, they were innocent. If they drown, it was God’s retribution for their guilt.

  15. hello says:

    Why should he get paid for what he done??? If that be the case let’s all drive drunk or what ever and get paid…This is bull s… for real wake up lewis county..Paid leave have a nice vacatioin on the tax payers money..F

  16. BobbyinLC says:

    If anyone fully understands the criminal justice system it is an extremely rare case where an arraigning judge accepts a guilty plea. If he did it requires hours of going over each detail since we all have the right to be proven guilty.
    Just because he pled not guilty at his arraignment does not mean he is not trying to sidestep his responsibilit.

  17. TomTT says:

    Not guilty, occifer (hiccup)

  18. meh says:

    Dee, don’t you think that it’s just a bit terrible of you to announce your opinion to the world that Mr. H has “problem” with alcohol? Is that really your business to spread such info?

    And YES it does matter if the man is a sheriff’s deputy – he has sworn an oath to uphold the law. A traffic accident is one thing, driving drunk is NOT an accident.

    And whether he was drunk or tired or whatever the case, he drove through a restricted area and didn’t care, and it’s a bit too late to test his blood alcohol level.

    Claiming whatever while drunk is typical, but denying responsibility while sober is inexcusable.

    If Mr. H is truly innocent, then none of this matters. If he is guilty….

  19. dee says:

    I have know this man a very long time. Although he has a big heart he has a “problem” with alcohol and maybe this will be his saving grace. Who gives a rats ass if he is a sheriff. That makes no difference as far as a right to a fair trial! He has the same rights as the junkie who gets busted selling to an under cover agent. HE GETS HIS DAY IN COURT ALSO!!!!!!
    He is in a boat load of trouble and he will have to pay his dues also if he is found guilty but unlike most of you being so nasty he will loose his entire life as he knows it. He has children to support, bills to pay, food to buy and so on just like you all do.So until that day comes he should be paid as agreed in his contract.

  20. bahlsdeep says:

    Here are some fun facts:

    Field Sobriety Tests are voluntary. No one is required to do them nor answer questions when asked by the police during a DUI. The breathalyzer on the side of the road is also voluntary. No one is required to take them. If the police still feel that they have probable cause to arrest someone based on their observations and odors, they can arrest the person.

  21. Zack says:

    It kills me how people are pissed about the Deputy being on “paid administrative leave”. This has nothing to do with him being a cop, its in the bargaining contract. Most state and county employee’s have the same contract. Also, its his right to make the plea of his choosing because he’s an American citizen. The law still says innocent until proven guilty. Most of the negative comments we see on this website are from cop haters and criminals (go figure).

  22. meh says:

    Humphrey and everyone else – Be a man and a leader, and accept the responsibility of your poor judgment. When you make a mistake, own up to it and be willing to accept the consequences. We’d have so many fewer problems in this world if everyone was responsible for themselves. He might as well quit if this is how he accepts responsibility – his credibility is forever compromised. IF he really was did all the things as listed on Sirens…

  23. lewiscountysocietysucks says:

    Paid Administrative leave is Bull S~~T……….declining the sobriety test should cause him to lose his license. TREAT HIM LIKE THEY DO ANY ONE ELSE……..DISMISS ALL OF HIS PENDING CASES, because he was probably on Drugs, or at least Drunk.

  24. Ruby says:

    See everyone cops do get into trouble. This comment is directed at all of the conspiracy nuts on this site.

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