Notes from behind the news: Sunday Sirens blues break

Sunday, June 1, 2014 at 3:19 pm
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Curtis Salgado, 2013 International Blues Entertainer of the Year, will take the big stage at the end of the night, when the DB Cooper Music Festival touches down at the Southwest Washington Fairgrounds.

By Sharyn  L. Decker
Lewis County Sirens news reporter

CHEHALIS – How about taking a Sunday sirens mini-break with me?

A week of watching and waiting for an east end river to give up the body of a 5-year-old, a super serious wreck in Centralia on Friday night that left two people critically hurt, and then news this morning that an arson investigation team is looking into a house fire that destroyed much of a family’s belongings …

I’m not waiting all the way to Aug. 2 for the sirens break, the all-day party at the fairgrounds that is the DB Cooper Music Festival.

Lewis County is co-media sponsor of the event, in part because I think we all need a time out where we simply have fun.

I’m taking five minutes right now to turn off the trauma, drama and disaster and listen to a tune, taking my mind elsewhere, at least briefly.

The 2013 International Blues Entertainer of the Year, Curtis Salgado, who inspired John Belushi to create The Blues Brothers, has some good ones.

Salgado will take the big stage at the end of the night, when the festival touches down at the Southwest Washington Fairgrounds.

His people call him a harmonica icon who plays each and every show like it’s the most important gig of his career.

He’s been playing professionally since the late 1960s, his band touring with the likes of Santana and The Steve Miller Band. His bio describes some of his musical and vocal influences as Otis Redding, O.V. Wright, Johnnie Taylor and Muddy Waters.

Born in Everett, Wash., and raised in Eugene, Ore., one of his early groups called the Nighthawks toured the Northwest; next he was with The Robert Cray Band, and then it just kept getting better, his people say.

Check out Salgado’s “Born All Over” with me, now, for just a few moments.

We can listen to more from him on Aug. 2, in person, at the festival that is stacking up to be THE event of the summer for those from Seattle to Portland and beyond.

Tickets are available now, here. See the line up that will play three stages, here

P.S. If you’re a Blues Brothers fan, you can find out more about how the two met when Belushi was in Eugene filming Animal House, and how that all transpired, here

5 Responses to “Notes from behind the news: Sunday Sirens blues break”

  1. GuiltyBystander says:

    Nice try, DB. Lisa’s a dandy. Maybe next year. But, hey, this is still a pretty good lineup…can’t complain at all.

  2. DB Cooper says:

    Hey Guilty Bystander, we invited Lisa Mann and thought she would be joining us but she had an important private event that came up and wasn’t able to commit. We hope to have her next year.

  3. GuiltyBystander says:

    Saw him at the Portland Waterfront Blues Festival a year or two ago. The man is good. Excellent pick for the headliner here.

    Too bad Lisa Mann, another Portlander, isn’t in the lineup. She sang a version of “At Last” at WBF 2 or 3 years ago that sent chills up the ol’ spine. It’s an Etta James tune that Beyoncé Knowles did a decent version of at the Obama inauguration, but Lisa just smokes it…I’d almost pay the $25 just to hear her do it again.

  4. Denise says:

    I was hoping there might be at least one blues band a little more upbeat at this music fest, like Nick Vigarino who rocked downtown Chehalis back in 1998 or maybe it was 1999, during the street party Chehalis used to put on, I forget what it was called but I never forgot Nick Vigarino. Damn, he was good. Still is I’m sure.

    Oh yeah, he’s still kickin’…

    Nick Vigarino ~ Songwriter ~ Guitar ~ Hamonica ~ Dobro

    Doesn’t look like the link worked.

  5. Mark Pickrell says:

    I’ve seen him a couple times in the Portland area, Great Show!

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