Sirens: Daily police and fire roundup

Tuesday, March 29, 2016 at 4:23 pm



• Chehalis police arrested a school employee today in connection with an incident reported two weeks ago at R.E. Bennett Elementary School. Police were called on March 14 and told by school staff an employee had hugged a 9-year-old year-old student in an inappropriate manner, according to the Chehalis Police Department. Based on their investigation that included video evidence and witness interviews, police arrested 36-year-old James Denning today for fourth-degree assault, according to police. The Chehalis resident was booked into the Lewis County Jail. Deputy Chief Randy Kaut said he wasn’t sure of Denning’s job title but that he is not a teacher.


• An officer took a report of a stolen 1997 Honda Accord at about 4:30 a.m. today from the 1800 block of North Pearl Street in Centralia. The silver car has a license plate reading 827 XOE, according to the Centralia Police Department..

• An officer on patrol at about 12:30 a.m. today located a vehicle  at the 100 block of West High Street that had been stolen from Hayden, Idaho. It appeared it had been parked there for a while before discovery, according to the Centralia Police Department.

• Chehalis police called about 12:45 a.m. today about a customer who could not pay for his meal at a business on Southwest Interstate Avenue in Chehalis ended up arresting the 25-year-old man from Grass Valley, California for possession of a stolen vehicle. His card had been declined and the 2008 Ford Escape he was driving belonged to the Red Cross, according to the Chehalis Police Department. Wade D. Amesbury was booked into the Lewis County Jail, according to police.

• The Lewis County Sheriff’s Office reported this morning that a deputy took a report of the theft of a light blue Honda Civic from the 100 block of Shelly Drive in Centralia. The loss is about $3,000 and the car has a license plate reading AOU 2508, according to the sheriff’s office.


• A 28-year-old man was arrested yesterday after he allegedly tried to pass a counterfeit $100 bill at a store on the 100 block of West High Street in Centralia. The bill was rejected and he left with it but was stopped by police close by and two counterfeit bills were recovered, according to the Centralia Police Department. Shawn L Weaver, from Monroe, was booked into the Lewis County Jail for forgery, according to police.

• Centralia police took a report about 2:15 p.m. yesterday of a different suspect spending a counterfeit $100 bill at the 100 block of West High Street.

• Centralia officers conducted a search warrant on a room at Motel 6 on Belmont Avenue yesterday afternoon and recovered a printer and partially printed counterfeit $100 bills. The case is under investigation.


• The Lewis County Sheriff’s Office took a report of a burglary from a church on the 1100 block of state Route 7 where the missing items included a twin bed, a night stand and a Dewalt generator. It happened sometime between March 19 and Saturday, according to the sheriff’s office.

• A 45-year-old Toledo woman was arrested for second-degree theft in connection with an 8 a.m. call on Saturday to the sheriff’s office from the 200 block of Foster Creek Road. The victim said he saw a silver vehicle dragging his piece of equipment – a core liner driller – down the road, according to the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office. A deputy followed the drag marks and made contact with Jill Todd, according to the sheriff’s office. She was booked into the Lewis County Jail.

• Police yesterday morning too a report of a theft of drill bits from a house under construction at the 1200 block of G Street in Centralia.

• Centralia police were called yesterday morning about lawn ornaments stolen from the 2300 block of Scheuber Ridge Court and also from the 2500 block of Sharon Street in Centralia.


• A 53-year-old Chehalis area man reported to the sheriff’s office that someone took two checks from his checkbook and cashed them for $300 and $500 sometime between Feb. 15 and March 22. There is a suspect, or, person of interest, the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office said this morning.


• An officer was called yesterday afternoon about a vehicle prowl at the 2100 block of North National Avenue in Chehalis.

• Chehalis police were called about 8:15 a.m. yesterday to the 900 block of Southeast Washington Avenue where someone had broken into an unlocked vehicle and stolen a stereo. Another resident at the same address lost a GPS device from a second vehicle there, according to the Chehalis Police Department.


• Chehalis police were called about 5:10 p.m. yesterday regarding an individual at 12th Street and McFadden Avenue who was “rocking” someone else’s vehicle and then throwing items out of a shed. Adrian J. Gillespie, 43, of Chehalis, was subsequently arrested for a drug violation, according to the Chehalis Police Department.


• The Lewis County Sheriff’s Office reported this morning that a 20-year-old driver was cited for speeds too fast for conditions after a single-vehicle collision about 1:30 p.m. on Sunday at the 1300 block of Bunker Creek Road. A deputy determined she failed to negotiate a curve during the heavy rain and struck a tree, according to the sheriff’s office. The female driver sustained cuts to both her hands and a possible head injury, Chief Deputy Stacy Brown said. Her 15-year-old passenger had back and neck pain, Brown said. Both were taken to the hospital. The 2009 Chevrolet Impala was totaled, Brown said.


• And as usual, other incidents such as arrests for warrant, shoplifting, misdemeanor assault, driving with suspended license; responses for alarm, dispute, third-degree theft, suspicious circumstances, collision on city street … and more

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  1. Naive says:

    Baby girl, you need to ask the jail adminiistrators and tell them who you are and they will give you info if they have it. They would probably like him to stay out of jail too. I went to high school with Adrian. He’s a good kid, but he had it rough growing up. His brother John, his uncle, wasn’t the best influence. Adrian didn’t have a chance. I hope you find him.

  2. Baby girl smith says:

    If anyone knows Adrian G or his whereabouts. I am his daughter. I don’t know if he even knows who I am. My name is Janna i am 28 and I’d like to meet him before he’s gone off the deep end. If you know him, let him know he’s a grandfather.. Thank you

  3. Stefanie R says:

    That’s not what Dorothy and Toto say. Tell the truth Bo. I know it’s hard for you to do.

  4. Bo Rupert says:

    I am no where near Kansas

  5. Stefanie R says:

    So how is the weather in Kansas, Bo?

  6. Bo Rupert says:

    No just a love for riches Long time no see Stef Goodrich!!

  7. Stefanie R says:

    I guess you have an eye for funny money Bo. Lmfao smh

  8. SecretSquirrel says:

    What the hell Adrian, when are you ever going to quit messing with the dope? Every time I see you, you look worse and worse! You were a friend back in highschool, and you are way better than this! Just say no! time to grow up man!

  9. Bo Rupert says:

    Counterfeit bills eh???? Damn fool had he played it smart he could have struck it rich……lmfao smh

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