Onalaska resident loses horses, gets jail time

Wednesday, December 14, 2016 at 4:08 pm

By Sharyn  L. Decker
Lewis County Sirens news reporter

CHEHALIS – An Onalaska woman convicted of animal cruelty in connection with horses seized from her this past spring was sentenced today to nine days in jail, according to the Lewis County Prosecutor’s Office.


Tuesday April 5, 2016

Jennifer Jenkins appeared in Lewis County District Court in Chehalis this morning. She was convicted by a jury last month of one gross misdemeanor for each of the nine horses.

Judge R.W. Buzzard ordered her taken into custody immediately, Lewis County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Brad Meagher said.

Back in April responders were called to Jenkins’ home on the 2500 block of state Route 508 because a small horse had fallen onto its side into a mud hole in her pen. It took more than two hours to get it out and up.

The state veterinarian noted deplorable living conditions and prosecutors filed charges –  violations of Lewis County code – related to inadequate shelter and food.

Jenkins is prohibited from owning any animals for two years and she forfeits all rights to the horses, Meagher said. They’ll now have to be adopted out, he said.

Jenkins who has said she is disabled from the effects of a traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury disputes the findings and has filed motions already in her case. Meagher expects she will appeal. She was represented by attorney David Brown.

Restitution for the animals’ care has not yet been determined, Meagher said.

In an unrelated animal cruelty case, prosecutors decided to drop charges against a Morton area man previously filed in Lewis County Superior Court and refile them in Lewis County District Court.

Richard D. Carlile, 29, was arrested when he went to pick up his dogs from the animal shelter on Sept. 30, thinking they’d they’d broken their chains and wandered away from the camp where he lived in the woods. The pitbulls had been found alone without food or water and in poor condition, according to prosecutors.

Meagher said prosecutors decided the better charges given the evidence are the same charges Jenkins was convicted of, gross misdemeanors.

For background, read “Onalaska horse owner loses court case” from Tuesday November 1, 2016, here

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11 Responses to “Onalaska resident loses horses, gets jail time”

  1. A weight of a ton says:

    Fuck animal welfare! People matter?

  2. Dr Gringo says:

    She shouldn’t even be allowed to own a Chia pet.

  3. Ony Boy says:

    Severely altered state of mind….

  4. jennifer jenkins says:

    severely altered photo

  5. jennifer jenkins says:

    To all that responded my horses were not as described they were fat and well fed, not to mention the thousand of gallons of water that just happened to trespass on site during a 4 day period with sub pump 2016 problem since 2009, then Animal control officers are reported to law enforcement who have been harassing injuring and destroying property and law enforcement does not take adequate reports from Jenkins when she calls yet animal control testifies shes at property during after hours outside her scope of employment as this is not a right to enter state however at the Jenkins Ranch law enforcement allows whoever the right to trespass including surveyors neighbors and strangers without consequence even after they had been warned and its clearly posted everywhere no trespass for any purpose yet law enforcement allows it to happen. Plus 32 round bales of hay were on the property weighing 1200 to 1500 lbs a piece and there is no way a few horses and ponies could of ate that much hay in 4 days yet law enforcement fails to note this and Jenkins filled the water containers and cleaned them in front of jeff godbey and even drove her truck and bought a 1200lb bale of hay before being arrested and removed from the property in which law enforcement allowed everyone involved to run a muck fabricate things ect and make false report based upon more hearsay created prior in the record with no medical scientific or unaltered photos showing the horses were in bad shape, the real problem is using the color of law and repeated contact for their own benefit in which this site, the Chronicle newspaper, law enforcement,code animal control the prosecutor and others committed public official misconduct, interference with guide dogs,hippotherapy horses,false report libel slander and defamation against Jennifer Jenkins and Her children Rainey Willow Hunter and Skyler . and for everyones information everyone who coveted and made false report and code injuring the pony and someone shaving the pony hair ect without the owners consent and law enforcement failure to note this not to mention pony was in dry shaving and adequately being taking care of supply list bought and on file in police report unless they are still withholding it and the kids who bullied my kids and those school people who made false report and trespassed causing injury Karma will find you, I hope your proud of taking Hunters Silver star pony the one who needed rescue from the mysterious huge hole that had to been dug up with machinery who was injured by rescuers and all involved altered coat hair lengths of the other horses without consequence in front of law enforcement who failed to properly document of such yet can be identified by owner from day to day from picture to picture, yet no one wants to listen based on more hearsay information about being mentally ill however suffered injuries to cervical spine that interfere with mobility and speech 2009 fall in walmart ring a bell and the illegal interference of service guide dog of Rainey who Centralia Animal Control walmart and onalaska school employees caused to be seized without consequence or redress in court as my witnesses were not aloud to testify including my process server.
    Rainey is Right side sight impaired was mauled by a pitbull and was prescribed a guide dog same animal control lady trying to cover it up like it never happened PLus Rainey has a rare brain venous flow problem that requires hippotherapy to balance the imbalance to maintain level of functionality and is currently incapacitated due to a cops daughter coveting what does not belong to them and a animal control lady trespassing setting the Jenkins up for failure and unnecessary expenditure and Jennifer jenkins requires a hippotherapy horse to maintain muscles only achieved through riding in maintaining her mobility due to severe cervical thoracic and lumber back injuries now due to the illegal seizure ms jenkins body is attacking her joints and limiting her overall mobility and quality of life and no guide dog or service dog or companion animals to help deal with chronic pain causing physcological problems due to having to deal with unresolved pain over long periods of time I wish you could be me with all my back injuries chronic pain and mobility issues and i wish you coud be my daughter Rainey who see blurry and right side inpaired and be incapacitated for 16 to 20 hours be day with chronic headaches and limited mobility

  6. Huh??? says:

    CrazyOldMan – WTF are you talking about??? and Bo, NO they’re not making too much of this – animal cruelty is a felony, and not providing adequate care, shelter, food, water, etc – is a prime example

  7. CrazyOldManWinters says:

    The funny thing is we are worried about animal cruelty “porn” when half of yalls don’t even know your sexual orientation. You got commissioners and sheriffs being caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Back in the day we would send them to front lines. Whining about their service pay. Then call your selves ‘patriotic.’ They should be on the 20/20 special ‘the fleecing of america.’

  8. Bo Rupert says:

    I think evryone including the justice system is making a far bigger deal of this then it really is.

  9. A p***ed off driver says:

    Whats funny is that shes not been allowed to own any animals since this happened yet on more than one occasion while driving by her house there were 2 german shepards who tried to play chicken with my truck. So much for not owning animals. Clearly she doesnt care about them if she lets them run after cars on the highway. And im sorry, but im not going to wreck my truck trying to avoid a dog. Seems to me she should be followed up on.

  10. Dr Gringo says:

    I agree, Anonymous. This woman is unrepentant and thinks she did nothing wrong. Nine days in lockup won’t change that because she’ll be treated better in jail than she treated her own horses. We’ll be watching a repeat of this episode in 2019. Guaranteed.

  11. Anonymous says:

    While its great that something was finally done 2 years is not enough. This will start all over again as soon as the ban is over. It should have been a permanent ban.

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