High praise offered up for incoming Lewis County Superior Court judge

Wednesday, January 4, 2017 at 6:56 pm

The packed courtroom breaks into applause after Andrew Toynbee is sworn in as Lewis County Superior Court judge.

By Sharyn L. Decker
Lewis County Sirens news reporter

CHEHALIS – Newly sworn in Lewis County Superior Court Judge Andrew Toynbee vowed to work hard, be diligent and be prepared as he faced his peers, friends, family and co-workers old and new today.

“I’ll treat everyone with respect, regardless of who they are,” he said.

The Adna resident was sworn into his new role by outgoing Lewis County Superior Court Judge Nelson Hunt this afternoon.

“This is a very pleasurable moment for me, because I know we’ve got a great judge coming,” Hunt said.

Hunt told the gathered crowd he’d hired Toynbee back in the 1990s for his first job, in the Lewis County Prosecutor’s Office when Hunt was the elected prosecutor.

The swearing in ceremony was held in department one, which Hunt has presided over since after he was first elected in 2004.

The benches were nearly full, extra chairs were brought in and the front row of the jury box held sitting judges from Lewis County, Thurston County and the Washington State Court of Appeals.

Toynbee ran unopposed for the seat in November and leaves behind his workplace, the Thurston County Prosecutor’s Office.

Thurston County Prosecutor Jon Tunheim spoke today as well, praising Toynbee’s style as calm and gentle, calling him a genuinely authentic person.

“I can’t imagine a person who is better suited for this position,” Tunheim said.

After he was sworn in, presented with his robe and gavel, Toynbee took his seat at the bench, his voice sometimes breaking as he expressed gratitude for those who’ve helped him along the way.

Honesty, integrity, authenticity and humility were some of the traits he said he’s learned more about from others.

“I thank you all for helping prepare me for this position,” he said.

Lewis County Superior Court Judge Richard Brosey is retiring this week as well. Judge-Elect Joely O’Rourke will be sworn in on Monday.

Toynbee and O’Rourke are joining Judge James Lawler and Commissioner Tracy Mitchell in Lewis County Superior Court.


Lewis County Superior Court Judge Nelson Hunt, left, swears in Andrew Toynbee.

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6 Responses to “High praise offered up for incoming Lewis County Superior Court judge”

  1. beenthere says:

    Judge Hunt was very fair in my court case and has my respect. Good luck in your future your Honor.

  2. Connie Todd says:

    I am sad to see Judge Hunt go. The one time I had to deal with him, he was more than firm and fair! I was part of an eviction suit brought on by a local mobile home park that was trying to evict an 87 year old woman with alzheimers that I was a live in care giver for that was late (by 5 minutes) 3 times in her space rent over a 12 month period! They hated her son and wanted him gone as well. They hired some high powered Olympia lawyer that was drunk most of the time to do the eviction and Helen wasn’t wealthy enough to afford a lawyer to defend herself in the eviction so I took it on. It took me 2 weeks solid and many, many failed attempts at filing to only be told the papers werent in the correct format or not the correct legal headings etc to answer the eviction. I finally tried to file the last set I had tried to correct and was sure I had them right at 4:55 pm on the last day to respond to fight it and was denied yet again! I was heart broken for her and started to walk away crying when Judge Hunt who was standing in the clerk’s office called me back and told me to show him my paperwork. He read it and asked the clerk what was wrong with them and she pointed out that my response to the eviction wasnt properly labeled, missing 1 word. He got mad and told her to file them anyway and then called the Olympia lawyer and asked him a few questions on points I had made in my response. He ended up telling him that his eviction papers were null and void because there were WAYYYY to many mistakes he had made (cuz I pointed them out) and if a layperson could note them that easily, he was going to look like a complete moron in his court and he was sure he didnt want that!! He was very, very fair in the eviction and we won (which didnt make a difference in my opinion of him being fair or not) but I totally appreciated him taking the time to check out our situation when I was trying soooooo hard to do things right!! Most judges I have dealt with previously wouldnt take the time to even give a rats ass about a broke person trying to do things themselves without a lawyer. Judge Hunt was, in my honest opinion, the perfect example of what a judge is supposed to be! Happy Retirement Judge Hunt!!

  3. Bo Rupert says:

    I really liked Judge Hunt it is sad to see him go. I am even more sad to see Judge Brosey go I really liked him. I am glad to see that Lewis County got two well deserved and qualified judges to replace them. Now if Lewis County could just rid itself of that worthless piece of shit Judge James Lawler things would actually be fair and impartial. All in all, I am glad to see and know that things are changing for the better.

  4. Soaper says:

    Mad momma, your grammar is substandard! Shame on you.

  5. Soaper says:

    Brosey was the best one. You cannot tell me you prefer Hunt?

  6. Mad momma says:

    Antone has got to be better than that ass hat Brosey, I say good buy and don’t let the door hit you on your way out. GOOD BY FELICA!

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