One dead after shooting in forest near Randle

Wednesday, July 5, 2017 at 11:58 am

By Sharyn L. Decker
Lewis County Sirens news reporter

CHEHALIS – Detectives are investigating a fatal shooting at a campsite south of Randle in which a 63-year-old man has claimed self defense.

The Lewis County Sheriff’s Office released few details, noting they have resumed processing the scene this morning.

Chief Deputy Dusty Breen stated in a press release that deputies were dispatched after a 911 call at 7:14 p.m. yesterday from a 63-year-old Glenoma man who said he shot an individual at a campsite in self defense.

Breen said it occurred on Forest Service Road 2801 off Cispus Road.

Deputies and sheriff’s detectives responded with assistance from law enforcement personnel from the Washington State Patrol, Morton Police Department and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, according to Breen.

Because of darkness and conditions at the scene, the investigation was suspended and is continuing there today, according to the sheriff’s office.

Breen states all parties are accounted for and the sheriff’s office doesn’t believe there is a continuing risk to the public.

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office at 360-748-9286 or Lewis County Communications at 360-740-1105.

9 Responses to “One dead after shooting in forest near Randle”

  1. Exceptionally Normal says:

    I bet I know someone who’s looking forward to the big Monster Truck show at the fairgrounds!

  2. still waiting for justice says:

    I kinda of have to agree with Linda byrd-if the guy was camped along side this person that was shot-I could possibly see an issue, but to approach someone in their camp when your not even camping but just driving around makes me wonder it this was an intentional provoked act to murder someone and cover it up??

  3. Linda byrd says:

    Dusty phelps was not a trainsent he stayed in town & stayed at camp in summer he was a decorated war vet who seaved our county for 20 some years serving more than one tour in afganastan & iroq he was a good man and to be shot and killed by a man in cold blood by a man who by what law did he have to go to dustys camp to tell him he was being irresonsable in shooting his gun was that not the sherrifs job dusty would welcomed him & apoligised &now he is dead if the glenoma man called 911 first like he shoud haved dusty wood still be alive please dont let people think that Dusty Phelps was anything or any one who this man says whould do what he said he did if this man was so concerned about his & his wifes safety why didnt he call 911 first we lost a good man for what.

  4. David Byrd says:

    It was dust Phelps can you please contact me at for my number I would really like to talk to Rebecca Phelps

  5. Steel says:

    Sorry, I meant “Copper Penny”. But really now. The cops were doing their job well. How would you respond to a reported homicide? Slowly?

  6. Steel says:

    Dusty Penny,
    The police were responding to a homicide, for heavens sake. How else should they respond??? They had a very serious incident to investigate.

    I would have been very disappointed with less.

    Sorry someone’s death interrupted your precious fireworks display…

  7. Copper Penny says:

    Very sorry for all involved in this tragic event.

    On another note if the time listed here is accurate, then I’m a bit disappointed in how our county cops responded.

    I was helping set up for fireworks and saw several lights and sirens blasting through town like it was an emergency life or death situation, not going to look at a dead guy. The information we heard on our portable radios made it very clear there was nobody to help save or hunt down for a crime, just a dead guy and the shooter at another location, I think with a trooper.

    Was it really necessary to risk the public safety by going all out on hwy 12? The cop tires on the rumble strips sounded like an electric razor not the low rumble of 55, let alone blowing through town while folks are out and about.

    I get the idea of being all excited for something interesting but that kind of unnecessary fast driving injures and kills more cops every year than bullets.

    Let’s be safe out there ladies and gentlemen!

  8. carol hudson says:

    Would the Lewis County Sheriff’s department PLEASE let the young lady , Rebecca Phelps, who is worried about her brother, Dusty Phelps,in regards to this incident let her know one way or the other if it is him who was killed? SHE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO SEE IT ON FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Peter Moss says:

    man with 5 pit bulls? or we just have to know whole story

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