Morton police investigate “present of dead kittens”

Wednesday, September 6, 2017 at 5:05 pm

By Sharyn L. Decker
Lewis County Sirens news reporter

CHEHALIS – A 20-year-old Morton resident is charged for his role in allegedly leaving a taped-shut box of kittens in the yard of his 15-year-old companion’s ex-girlfriend and sending taunting social media messages.

The little cats were inside a cardboard diaper box, with no air holes or water on a very hot day, and placed in a location where they would not be easy to find, according to authorities.

An adult who discovered them told the Morton Police Department the felines appeared dehydrated, sick and hungry, court documents relate.

The two suspects allegedly told the 15-year-old girl via an audio Facebook message, there was a present of dead kittens waiting for her.

Brandon M. McIntyre, 20, of Morton, was arrested on Saturday and was  brought before a judge on yesterday afternoon in Lewis County Superior Court. The 15-year-old boy’s case is being handled in Lewis County Juvenile Court.

When McIntyre’s bail was discussed, Lewis County Chief Criminal Deputy Prosecutor Brad Meagher called the case alarming. Judge Joely O’Rourke called the allegations extremely alarming and agreed to the recommendation of $10,000.

Charging documents state the incident occurred on June 23 and 24 and came to the attention of police from a girl who learned about it on Facebook. A Morton police officer began investigating at the end of July and interviewed those involved, according to the documents.

The 15-year-old girl said the two suspects did it to get back at her for breaking up with her boyfriend, the younger of the two suspects.

When the adult confronted the boy about it on Facebook, he allegedly denied involvement but made several threats, including “I hope you die,” charging documents allege.

The audio Facebook message between the suspects and the 15-year-old girl allegedly include calling her vulgar names and also McIntyre threatening to “put a hit out” on the adult.

The adult and the girl reside in the same home where the kittens were found, though its location in Morton, or Mossyrock, is not mentioned. Charging documents don’t offer any update as to the kittens’ conditions.

McIntyre’s arraignment is scheduled for tomorrow in Lewis County Superior Court. He is charged with one count of first-degree animal cruelty and one count of cyberstalking.

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5 Responses to “Morton police investigate “present of dead kittens””

  1. What The helicopter says:

    Nothing happened bro just some trash talking who knows what kinda hateful garbage the girl was spewing. Downgrade the charge to animal dumping and get that little girl on some birth control.

  2. wtfack says:

    @Whatthehelicopter What the frock? almost find your need to come to the defense of these two individuals, as disconcerting as the horrible act they committed. “Kids will be kids” I wasn’t aware that animal cruelty and harassment, simply because a girl chose to discontinue their relationship, was something considered the norm for anyone… let alone, kids. If anything, the entire act conveys how the people involved could be mentally imbalanced (to put it mildly). Fear tactics using “dead kittens” as a gift, to a 15 year old girl… sounds like she made the correct choice in choosing to break up with this kid. It’s not healthy to harass someone and name call, simply because someone chooses to end a relationship with him and really only displays signs of him becoming potentially abusive/possessive to any future girlfriends, as an adult. As for the adult man in this situation, I hope his jail time is as comfortable as those poor kittens must have been when they were locked away in that box. He deserves to feel nothing but discomfort with his horrible influence on a kid, who clearly, is too impressionable to not choose a more humane way in dealing.

  3. What the helicopter says:

    What a funny prank. Diaper boxes have holes on the side for handles. Most importantly the kittens weren’t dead and were found immediately by their loud meows! What a bunch of bullshit just kids being kids and the courts trying to make a dollar off it. So if it had not been hot out he wouldn’t have been charged? Omg lol. You should check the workers conditions at Hampton lumber mill and see if any are sick, dehydrated or Hungery I think that pretty much sums up the whole town of Morton. We should charge the owner of Hampton with human cruelty and charge the town cops with stalking for pulling over anyone from out of town for no reason. Also use the block function on your computer if you wish not to speak with someone. Kids do funny things.

  4. huh... says:

    Looking at his facebook… I gotta wonder if Mr. McIntyre is “all there”.

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