Jasper: Toddler death case in limbo as defendant contemplates options

Tuesday, October 10, 2017 at 1:28 pm

Danny Wing, in red, appears before Judge Andrew Toynbee

By Sharyn L. Decker
Lewis County Sirens news reporter

CHEHALIS – Danny A. Wing was back in court in Chehalis this morning after winning an appeal that allows him to take back his guilty pleas in the death of a 3-year-old boy he and his wife were caring for.

Wing was sentenced to almost 35 years in prison for first-degree manslaughter and third-degree child assault following the Oct. 5, 2014 death of Jasper Henderling-Warner.

The family, with three children of their own and from the Vancouver area, had  been living in Vader about two weeks when the Wings called 911 to say the toddler was unconscious and not breathing. The coroner concluded Jasper died of chronic battered child syndrome.


Jasper Henderling-Warner

In February of this year, a division of the Washington State Court of Appeals concluded Wing’s plea was premised on an incorrect offender score for the third degree assault of a child conviction, rendering the plea involuntary. At the time, Lewis County Prosecutor Jonathan Meyer said if Wing withdrew his plea, prosecutors would take the case to trial.

Wing, now 29, appeared in Lewis County Superior Court this morning, represented by Vancouver attorney Sean Downs.

Representing the state before Judge Andrew Toynbee were Lewis County senior deputy prosecutors Will Halstead and Sara Beigh. Jasper’s mother, flanked by supporters, was in the audience.

The hearing was brief, and a longer hearing was set for 2 p.m. this Friday, to determine what happens next, according to Beigh.

Wing’s wife, Brenda A. Wing, was convicted and sentenced similarly to her husband, and won an appeal on the exact same issue.

Beigh said she’s not sure when Brenda Wing will be brought back to  Lewis County Superior Court, as she has petitioned for review by the Washington State Supreme Court on part of the appeal she lost.

Danny Wing also had petitioned for review but the higher court declined to do so, according to Beigh.

For background, read “Appeals court reverses conviction in Vader child death” from Friday March 3, 2017, here

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4 Responses to “Jasper: Toddler death case in limbo as defendant contemplates options”

  1. XDs says:

    Your “good” friend also should be charged for neglect & reckless endangerment!

    All four of those adults need the death penalty!

  2. Kaylene M Bowen says:

    This is so wrong and how ingested that little boy what a horrid way for that little guy to die these people don’t deserve to get Freedom or second chance he was beaten to death he can’t he can’t even let that just for breast give you some justice the seem so despicable and unjust he was beaten to death by these freaking heroin Junkies and then they couldn’t decide who was where he was going to be buried in wasn’t buried for a long time and now this when can Jasper just be free and rest seems like any more the criminals have more rights than in the innocent people I seen Jasper’s cute little face in the chronicle on the front page when he died I will never ever in my entire life forget that cute little face and what a sad little tragic life he had these people were caught lying to the police many times over and over but they were given chance after chance what is wrong with our justice system

  3. Tara L Christensen says:

    There punishment should also include the same type tourcher they done to my Lil friend Jasper!!!

  4. Tara L Christensen says:

    These people murdered and tortured my good friends son and they should have gotten the death penalty!!! Both these individuals are evil. They don’t deserve no appeal!!! They should have absolutely no rights at all. Jasper deserves justice!!! These people are two very sick individuals!!!!!!

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