Read about Wolfy’s owner’s criminal case wraps up …

Friday, November 10, 2017 at 1:27 pm

The wandering Bucoda dog’s condition drew widespread attention after its photo circulated on Facebook

By Sharyn L. Decker
Lewis County Sirens news reporter

The Olympian reports the owner of a Bucoda dog named Wolfy who was neglected, starved and shot dead was sentenced this week to five months in jail.

News reporter Abby Spegman writes that 54-year-old Robert Leatherman was convicted by a jury last month of first-degree animal cruelty as well as bail jumping; and that the friend he asked to put Wolfy down was given 30 days of community service, following his plea of guilty to second-degree animal cruelty.

The canine’s situation was investigated after a photo of the emaciated animal wandering around the south Thurston County town was posted on Facebook more than three years ago by an individual wondering how she could get it help.

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5 Responses to “Read about Wolfy’s owner’s criminal case wraps up …”

  1. Amerigo Vespucci says:

    Putting the animal down was the right thing to do. How much of the taxpayers money was wasted on an animal autopsy? More than the cost to rehabilitate this poor animal. Any other finding would have been cost prohibitive thus skewing the results and reasoning behind such autopsy justifying such taxpayer waste. The goal and intent was to profit off hard working taxpayers, jail and publicly shame the owner. Not only that they went after the Good Samaritan. Shame on the courts! Classic case of corruption and tax misappropriation. The state didn’t and still doesn’t give a damn about this animal. They exploited both the owner and this animal to further exploit the public taxpayer. Who was the police state vet who performed this for cash autopsy? What about Scott peterson did he die instantly? What kind of sick a holes do we have in government and how long did it take them to come at this little girls Facebook post of the dog at this angle? How long did they keep tabs on the owner and the animal and fail to act. In my book they are as much at fault as the owner having full knowledge and failing to step in and get the dog help. The public is eating it up like the courts did something great. Not enough time you say? Waste of taxpayer resources pull your head out of your butts we have some sick assholes in power!!

  2. Sherman says:

    A vet determined that the dog was shot in the head three times and did not die immediately, hence the charges for the friend. Sad story all around.

  3. amerigo vespuci says:

    Greedy prosecutors + prison state + Social media + a sick dog=$$$ jail time

    im glad someone is making money off the internet. took them awhile. but they finally harnessed the power to hunt people down more effectively from the comfort of their computer screen. GOOD JOB! If this picture was taken the dog was alive it would be a better use of resources and just as easy to send this dog to animal rescue rehab. Pointing the fingers and bringing the owner to justice does not do a damn thing.

  4. amerigo vespuci says:

    putting an animal down is animal cruelty? how is that possible if it was a instant death? does not make sense.

  5. Animal lover says:

    Not enough time for this type of cruelty!

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