Jasper: Defendant who won appeal in child’s death stalls for more decision-making time

Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 5:40 pm

By Sharyn L. Decker
Lewis County Sirens news reporter

CHEHALIS –  The Vader man who won an appeal after getting sentenced to almost 35 years in prison for the abuse and death of a 3-year-old boy wants more time to decide what to do.

Danny A. Wing was granted the opportunity to withdraw his guilty plea and in October was given 30 days to do that by Lewis County Superior Court Judge Andrew Toynbee.

His deadline was Monday.

Instead, Wing’s lawyer filed a notice of his request for discretionary review by the Washington State Court of Appeals of Toynbee’s decision, Lewis County Senior Deputy Prosecutor Sara Beigh said.

Oral arguments are scheduled to be made by Beigh and Vancouver defense attorney Sean Downs to the court of appeals on Dec. 20.

Wing wants a year to make his mind, Beigh said.

Lewis County Prosecutor Jonathan Meyer has said if Wing withdrew his plea, prosecutors would take the case to trial. The charges he was convicted of are first-degree manslaughter and third-degree child assault. The original charge included homicide by abuse as an alternative.

His wife Brenda A. Wing got the same sentence as her husband and has won the same opportunity to withdraw her pleas.

Jasper Henderling-Warner died in October 2014.

The Vancouver-area family had been living in Vader about two weeks when the Wings called 911 on Oct. 5, 2014 to say the toddler was unconscious and not breathing. Jasper’s 21-year-old mother had given the couple temporary custody while she was homeless and looked for work out of state. Jasper died at Providence Centralia Hospital.

For background, read “Jasper: Defendant who won appeal in toddler death has a decision to make” from Saturday October 14, 2017, here

10 Responses to “Jasper: Defendant who won appeal in child’s death stalls for more decision-making time”

  1. Amerigo Vespucci says:

    Trolling? You pass judgement without knowing the facts of the case. Go stick your flaming torch and pitch fork up your ass. Who the hell are you to say who should have have kids and who should have kids? are you god? Keep your internet prayers between you and god. Forming a opinion based on the information out there makes me unfit to be parent? Talk about stupid reasoning not mention ignorant. When did hate become fashionable? I doubt you have a anything beyond a 8th grade education bashing alleged child abusers must make you a lot smarter and make you feel accomplished. Danny wing did not murder this child he wasn’t even charged with murder dumbshits.

  2. WTF? says:

    Amerigo? Are you trolling or just incredibly freaking stupid? Either way, you make me sick and I pray to God you’re not a parent.

  3. Amerigo Vespucci says:

    The nasty public opinion getting ahold of this case and going all midevil here throwing tomatoes calling for death sentences and “seeing the light of day” is exactly why he needs more time to let the fire die down so to speak I really think he’s afraid he might even get more time for challenging the system and public opinion which is why he pled guilty in the first place but he did not expect 35 years at sentencing. Which is somewhat extreme in a non murder case in most jurisdictions.

  4. Amerigo Vespucci says:

    I think the issue here is that jasper had fatal mrsa that was not treated in time because the wings had just moved a week prior and did not have their shit together.. State witnesses and experts eager to interject their power of opinion against a abusive babysitter may have tipped the scales of justice to make it sound like he was beat to death. In reality what might not have killed a healthy child may have been the finishing blows to a sick one. From what I understand the wings own children were abusive to him as well. He was sick and poor little child’s body couldn’t put up with the move and adjustment into the wings household. Sad,..35 years in prison is basically a life sentence I do not believe they beat him to death but did not provide the proper care and protection to this child who was not theirs.

  5. Alan Rasmusson says:

    Such horseshit. The child didn’t win any appeal. These assholes deserve a slow and very painful death. And nothing more.Quit wasting taxpayer money,Helping these murderers play our legal system. Make em dig their own hole. Chain em and gut poke em.

  6. Too wrongs make A write in Lewis County says:

    Being normal is exceptional in Lewis County, but it still doesn’t make the Supreme Court in Washington State convene in Lewis County. The court convenes in the Temple of Justice, a historic building on the Washington State Capitol campus in Olympia, Washington.
    This is a simple oversight of course, especially compared to the message of “killing is wrong and so in order to be right we need to kill you” that Marylin was kind enough to voice for us. As far as Jasper’s innocence , until I am made aware of the accusations that were made against him, I will reserve my judgment call as to his guilt.
    The truth of the matter is that there might be to much fluoride in the water, not enough branches on the family trees around, or there are a few to many chromosomes being handed out, when you suggest that something is wrong and suggest the same act for its resolution. It’s parenting skills like that that produce folks like the wings.

  7. XDs says:

    Jasper had no choice, no voice & no protection from or by anyone.

    The Wings should be put to death & Jasper’s biological “parents” should be locked up as well!!

  8. Exeptionally Normal says:


    The place to have your case adjudicated for aberrant, predatory adults who victimize/assault/kill children and minors is Lewis County. It’s the place to be for both preferential treatment and having your case adjudicated in such a slap-dash way, that even the most nugatory skilled pre-law student can win you an appeal, have your sentence set aside or reduced, or even get your conviction over-turned!

  9. Marilyn Whitworth says:

    These two do not deserve to see the light of day. They deserve a bullet between the eyes. They killed a innocent child.
    Do not let them continue the pain of the family. The two people in jail that took the innocent life of Jasper should have no rights.
    They took a life Jaspers rights What about Jaspers Rights?
    What about the victim? Jasper?
    The murder of Jasper should be #1
    Jasper should be # 1 !!!
    This is a horrible injustice to Jasper.
    What about the innocent life they decided to take?
    Doesnt Jasper matter?

  10. Fifi says:

    I’m having a hard time figuring out why they get an option when Jasper did not !!!!!

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